About the photographer

Like many a keen amateur photographer my first photographs were taken as a record of holidays and family events using a simple (but effective) ‘point and shoot’ camera. But I eventually started to take an interest in photography for its own sake and, having been fortunate enough to live in the countryside for much of my life, I usually combine my photography with an equal love of getting out and about in the open spaces. Having recently moved away from Salisbury Plain, my home for 30 years, I am now based on the Isle of Wight.

I have tried my hand at all sorts of photographic subject matter over the years, but my photography is now almost entirely landscape orientated. I normally prefer to photograph in black and white as I feel that landscape is often more about shapes, patterns, light and shade than it is about colour.

Although I remained 'loyal' to film well into the digital era and, although I'm still a little nostalgic about some of the aesthetic qualities of film, for reasons of cost and practicality I have now been shooting almost exclusively on a Digital SLR camera for about 5 years.